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    Home Security Tips for Vacation Days

    Are you going to be leaving your home behind for days of peace and vacation? Better not spoil your peace with distraught and worry. It is time to take measures, the anti-burglary and anti-calamity ones. Why wait until a problem occurs to set your vacation security in place? We have all heard of "prevention is better than cure". Two of the major steps you can take are: the advantage of all the technology that is available in the market and make personal precautions to make it appear that the house is being lived in. For example you can use home security services providers. Here a list of best security companies in Canada
    Vancouver - Provident Security Company
    Toronto - IGTA Home Security Company
    Montreal - Security Systems Alarme Sentinelle.
    Or if you don`t want use security services you can do some DIY things for your home described bellow.

    Live Streaming CCTV

    Not only is this common knowledge but also an easy availability. Install a CCTV and relax. A CCTV monitoring system is a blessing at all hours, irrespective of your vacation. Synchronise the feed with your handheld device, Smartphone or Tablet, and you are one step ahead of securing your home. But a live streaming feed is only as good as your internet connection. If your vacation trip involves foreign country or countries, the connection is going to be limited. A live feed will be relieving but not of much use if you can’t make alerts on time.

    Take your keys with you

    On the note of tech, it is highly recommended for anyone on vacation to take your keys with you. No matter how smart you are with hiding your key, you can’t take a chance of discovery. Either replace you locks with smart locks or keep both options as the keyholes are gullible. Learn from all the movies you may have seen.

    Smart Locks

    Even if a keys works well for you, adding an extra layer is extra protection. Install a complete smart lock system in your home for times when you can send alerts. Choose a smart lock with synchronization ability, alarm system and possibly motion detectors too. This way you can disable and enable the system on your terms, for example in case of a relative or neighbour entering your house. You don’t have to worry about the keys anymore. In case of an unauthorised entry, many of these locks send out a loud siren or alert the nearby department of the intrusion.

    Smart Lights

    This is an amazing tech to make your house appear lived in. Get smart lights installed now. There are multiple varieties available from motion detectors to mobile synced lighting system. Some of these lights will only turn on during the dark, making them energy saving. There are those with enough luminance to fill all the dark spots (like hedges, bushes, trees, backdoor, shed, backyard and trapdoor) with light. The best ones are capable of synchronising with your device. It lets you choose the part of the house you want the lights turning on in, making it appear as if a person is turning it on one at a time, everyday in a different pattern.

    Smart doorbells

    The technology in the world is so smart these days that you can be sitting in a different continent but answer your doorbell through a live stream. You can fool anyone, let alone a burglar who walks up to your house and rings your doorbell, just tell them, you aren’t interested in whatever they are selling.’ Simple enough! Many fancy doorbells will start an immediate live stream in case of a doorbell ring.

    Get along with your Neighbours

    Apart from apartments, homes are best secured when your neighbours have got your back. So, we suggest you get along with them, attend their barbecues and invite them to dinners. At hand human help is the best backup you will ever have. They will be first to know when you leave and come back. Anything in between, they’ll know it wasn’t you and can take necessary steps.

    Your travel mustn’t show on your door

    The best way to avoid word of mouth about your travel dates is to not leak your dates in public. The office employees and your neighbours are unavoidable and perhaps the best tool for safety of your home. But if you let newspapers, magazines, pamphlets and milk bottles pile up on the front door, it is open invitation to anyone screening your area. Make sure to cancel all subscriptions for a few days. Have your friends and neighbours collect any arriving parcels for you.

    Don’t let Social Media tempt you

    Posting pictures is a indulgence we all enjoy but we recommend you avoid the temptation. We know the public and police is smart but so are the burglars. Moreover, it only takes a free wifi connection for anyone to get on social media. And if you do give in to this tempting factor, there are few things to avoid. Firstly, leave your location out of it. Secondly, don’t let you caption give away your present location and lastly, if possible, post these photos once you are back.

    Anti-calamity measure

    There is so much we have done to keep any unauthorised personals out of the house but what about any unpredictable calamity. From flood to fire, you need to secure your home against any problems that may arise in your absence. Make sure to unplug all unused electronic devices throughout the house. With automated or phone operated lights, all you will need is a electric main. If your house isn’t already rigged with smoke detectors, doing that must be your first step, vacation or otherwise. There are many smart devices which will send an alert to your device in case of an emergency.
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    On the water front, clearing drains, closing the main or turning of the heater are viable and environmental friendly things to do.Protecting the home you live in and are going to come back to, is the highest priority when enjoying a vacation or your vacation may turn into a disaster you can do nothing about. With all the proper systems in place, you have nothing to worry about. Check your phone every now and then just like you would have done for your social media. You never know when a problem had been turned away.

    Are you ready to head out now?

    Make sure to check every system for batteries, keep your internet data running and all emergency number on speed dial. Enjoy your vacation!

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