CCTV installation

Closed circuit television cameras don’t just effectively deter criminals. As well as this, a CCTV equipped home security system can help alert homeowners to threats and intrusions, thanks to live system monitoring via remote devices such as tablets and smartphones. CCTV, therefore, enables better in-home safety, as well as the ability to successfully prosecute criminals after home intrusions have taken place.

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Access Control Systems

Modern home security systems often feature dedicated access control systems. This way, homes and external property areas such as garages, can be secured using numerical keypads and other robust access devices. Property owners never, therefore, have to worry about lost keys or restricted access to their home during family emergencies.

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Home Automation

With 5g and the Internet of Things expected to arrive by 2020, home automation is set to revolutionize how we interact with our homes on a daily basis. This is why at Max Home Security, we are helping Toronto homeowners integrate smart technology today which is capable of everything from smart energy monitoring to smart access and home entertainment media management.

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Carbon Monoxide Detection

Carbon monoxide leaks from faulty appliances can be deadly. Thankfully, carbon monoxide detectors can alert property owners prior to carbon monoxide reaching dangerous levels. In order to do this, our detectors emit a shrill alarm which does not cease to alert homeowners to potential dangers, until an alarm itself is physically placed in an area free from carbon monoxide.

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Fire Detectors

Thanks to the heat and smoke detection capabilities of our home security systems, Max Home Security in Toronto can help provide property owners with superior fire protection. Like with a monitored CCTV security system, when a fire alarm is triggered, this can be set to automatically alert first responders and homeowners themselves via smartphone and tablet push notifications.

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    Home Security is Essential in 2018.

    Property crime tops the charts of recorded crime statistics in Toronto. Protecting your family and your future, therefore, requires a home security system which can be relied upon 24/7 to guard against petty & more organized criminals.Max Home Security home security alarms can help keep you and your property safe, thanks to fully monitored home security system solutions.

    Providing superior home intrusion protection, a Max Home Security alarm can alert property owners to potential problems, thanks to in-built smartphone connectivity and live remote monitoring.Our home security systems focus on prevention, protection, and most importantly of all, you and your family’s personal safety.

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    Premium Home Alarm Monitoring in Toronto

    Motion Detectors

    At Max Home Security in Toronto, we help property owners tackle intrusions in real-time, thanks to the inclusion of state-of-the-art security system motion detectors.
    Detectors themselves notify monitoring stations and security system administrators, every time a potential home intrusion is detected. In doing so, we help families stay safe and more capable of neutralizing threats as intrusions are in progress.

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    IT Services & Support

    Max Home Security in Toronto are proud to offer comprehensive IT services to Toronto homes and businesses. From commercial data management to full business network installation and outsourced IT support, we help local business cut costs, whilst simultaneously benefiting from enterprise ready IT services tailored to their specific business needs.

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    Locksmith Services

    Losing keys and being locked out of residential and business properties is just as commonplace (and just as frustrating) an occurrence as ever. Thankfully, at Max Home Security, we provide 24/7 locksmith services which can help you regain access quickly to any home, kitchen renovation, or business premises.

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    TV Mounting

    Mounting a TV on wall or ceiling area is an easy and effective way to save space and add a stylish decorative touch to a home bedroom or frameless sliding doors. Sadly, TV mounting isn't always as easy as many people imagine. This is why at Max Home Security, we specialize in hassle-free TV mounting for both home and local business owners.

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    PBX Phone System Installation

    A Private Branch Exchange (PBX) phone system, allows businesses to save on internal communication costs by routing internal calls through dedicated internal phone lines and/or voice over IP (VOIP) architecture. At Max Home Security, we, therefore, help businesses save by identifying and installing PBX systems kitchen - toronto of meeting all their internal communication requirements.

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    Commercial & Residential Entertainment Systems

    Adding a home theater to a Toronto property can add significant market value to properties. Much more importantly, networked entertainment systems can significantly enhance the basic livability of properties. This is why as well as Canadian home security systems, we can install and maintain a wide variety of state-of-the-art (and fully networked) home theaters, media devices and shower doors.

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